An Uncommon Attorney is now on the shelves (electronic ones, that is)

An Uncommon Attorney Final Cover (3)John Eagle (born 1766) finally sees light of day as my cut and thrust attorney trying to put the world to rights in 1793 while carrying that world on his far-from-broad shoulders.

I’ve been living with this character for 35 years, ever since the days of my Ph.D research on eighteenth-century legal matters. The real John Eagle (1723-1787) was a very different proposition – based in Horton, near Bradford, not Horsforth near Leeds; much more of a bread-and-butter conveyancing man than outright criminal lawyer facing danger on a regular basis. He was a bit of a fuddy-duddy I expect, keeping his head down but his fingers in many pies – those baked by the local gentry who paid his bills. My John Eagle is young and dynamic, but his nature is flawed and he’s seriously lacking in funds. Hence his dependency upon a volatile patron, the tunnel-visioned baronet and JP, Sir Walter Stanhope, who resents John’s choice of household, not least his black clerk.

Read the novel and let me know what you think.Goodreads_icon_100x100 Goodreads_icon_50x50 Goodreads_icon_32x32 Goodreads_icon_16x16


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Writer of Historical Fiction/Crime Fiction and what might be termed Speculative Fiction. Oh, and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Glyndwr University.
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