Dark Satanic Mill – published 31 July and taking its chances on the market!

book cover

So here it is at last, and here’s what it’s about:

Cheshire 1813. A tale set against the turbulent backdrop of Luddite riots and the final years of the Napoleonic Wars.

Robbie Enright is a teenaged orphan indentured at a remote cotton-spinning mill called Providence, owned by the eminent Samuel Stead. In this highly-successful enterprise reliant on child labour, all is not as it seems, however. Several of the female hands have disappeared, supposedly escaping from the mill’s harsh discipline. Robbie, suspecting a terrible secret, is forced to contend with the mill’s authorities, especially Titus Bredlow, the sadistic overlooker. Bright and courageous, Robbie has no resources and only one friend: Ned Wainwright, a notorious Luddite and a wanted man. Against the odds he is determined to expose the truth — not least because he’s fallen in love with the mill’s newest arrival: pretty Mary Pepper.

There’s a big What If? at the heart of this book, and given the subject matter perhaps it’s easy to guess.




About mmiles2014

Writer of Historical Fiction/Crime Fiction and what might be termed Speculative Fiction. Oh, and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Glyndwr University.
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